COVID19 - 3D Printable/ DIY Resources

COVID19 - We are all in it together!

COVID19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains all over the world. The doctors and medical staff we personally know are already facing shortage of medical supplies and we are still no where close to the peak. It puts medical professionals at the forefront and their families at tremendous risk.

We believe, 3D Printing and advances in low cost prototyping solutions like Arduino and Raspberry Pi can save lives during this crisis. It can facilitate development of local solutions to mitigate disruptions in global supply chain. Engineers, Designers, and DIY hackers can apply their knowledge and experience to help us all fight this pandemic.

This is our attempt to provide them an easy to use collection of projects from different sources that they can easily get started with to help local communities.

If you have recommendations for 3D Printable/DIY/ "Juggad" resources that can help with COVID-19 pandemic, please add it to this list. Your few minutes of effort could help save someone's life.

We will try to add as many projects to the website after reviewing so that everyone can benefit.